Made in Latvia

There are a few manufacturers of lighting in Latvia. In this section, we'll list some of the products coming from local manufacturers that we are working with:
Street lighting
Street lighting for city streets, parks and highways. RoadSpark Slim light fixtures are an energy efficiency and eco- design benchmark. Their photometric efficiency exceeds 100lm/W, LED life span is more than 10 years, while the built-in brightness control allows the use of luminaries in both 100 % and 50 % brightness.

Decorative miniature lamps

Linear decorative lamps that are miniature in size. Light fixtures emit white or monochromatic light. Light weight and compact design, as well as the ability to produce the body of virtually any customer's desired length, makes these luminaries invisible, yet very effective.


Decorative lighting fixtures

Linear decorative lamps with integrated DMX control system. Lighting can emit white, monochromatic or multicolored light. Compact and simple design fits easily with the facades of buildings, and scales its walls with deep, even light..


Advetisement lighting

The lights of neon or LED lighting can fulfil any advertisement needs. The stands can be made of metal or wood, with changeable ads, multicolored decorative elements in various shapes and shades.